Please Note: Paddle Order Hiatus

Northern Light Paddles is calling a hiatus for new paddle orders while we concentrate on production for our new paddles. We will not be taking any orders until we know definitively that we have paddles in hand, ready to ship.
Thank you for your patience and understanding! - Paul

Greenland and Aleut Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddles

Light, strong, affordable and portable. Every sectional paddle comes with a paddle sock for storage and transport, and a short loom to convert to a "storm" configuration. Check out the T-handle for conversion to a single blade! Sizing information is down here.

Greenland Paddle

Actually you are getting two paddles when you order the Greenland paddle: Along with the loom length you specify, we also include a short loom insert which mates the two paddle blades together, converting your paddle to a Storm Paddle with a two-fisted loom (6.5 in/16.5 cm) loom. Our paddle blades are made with a 3.25 inch length already molded in from the shoulder of the paddle blade which must be taken into account when ordering your loom size. Greenland paddle blades are 3.45 inches or 8.77 cm wide at the tip, with distinct but comfortable shoulders at the blade root. We're happy to discuss sizing with you prior to your purchase, call or email. 


Aleut Paddle

Our three piece Aleutian inspired paddle is pretty unique. We deviated from having the traditional ridge running all the way down the paddle. We also made the "flat" side slightly concave which we believe truly gives you two paddles in one. The ridged side gives superb control and stability while the slightly curved side took on a lot of qualities we associate with wing paddles. The result is noticeably increased performance for speed and workout paddling. We love this paddle for its versatility! Traditionally an Aleutian paddle is about 4 inches longer (on average) and this is reflected mostly in the loom. Why? We don't really know but perhaps it was because of the width of the baidarkas used in the Islands? Plenty of room for speculation, but possibly something to consider for sizing.  the Aleutian measures 3.7 inches wide (9.4cm) 


Shoulderless Greenland

Shoulderless Greenland Paddle



Please get in touch to place an order.

We're shipping paddles as fast as we can build and finish them. Inquire for the current turnaround time. Send us an email. Or call us on Skype at (803) 369-3425. You can also find Paul by his skype name of "Kayakerpaul"

Credit Card:

Our preferred method of payment is by credit card. And, we like to do it over the phone for a couple of reasons: One is that we want an opportunity to talk to you about loom sizing and to make sure that you are getting what you need correctly as well as discussing shipping options which can vary greatly in price.

The second reason is that the information is input directly ensuring that there is no paper or electronic record on our end.  We neither want or need your credit card information after the transaction. This is the most secure way we can have to protect our customers, and ourselves.  


Our alternative method (which also works well for our international customers) is PayPal. However, Paypal charges us a fee of 2.9 percent which is about 10 dollars,  so we have to add that to the cost of the paddles.


Normally we ship by United States Postal Service Priority Mail in a 36-inch by 4-inch by 4-inch box. The weight is around 4lbs, or 1.8kg.

Bear in mind that if you request Fedex or UPS to an international location, those companies normally charge an additional brokerage fee that is completely outside of our control and will have to be absorbed by you. Shipping charges will be calculated as accurately as we can and we will always pick the lowest fee possible (USPS Priority Mail) unless you request a faster service.

Pick Your Stick

Paddle sizing

One of the really cool things about a fully custom Greenland paddle made just for you is that you can define every measurement. Our modular system doesn't allow that much flexibility, but we have created our molds based on the most popular sizes. All blades are the same size, and we adjust the length of the loom to fit your length. The adjacent table shows how it breaks out.

Center Loom Overall Loom Overall Length
10 inches 16.5 inches 82" (208cm)
11 inches 17.5 inches 83" (211cm)
12 inches 18.5 inches 84" (213cm)
13 inches 19.5 inches 85" (216cm)
14 inches 20.5 inches 86" (218cm)
15 inches 21.5 inches 87" (220cm)
16 inches 22.5 inches 88" (223cm)
17 inches 23.5 inches 89" (226cm)
18 inches 24.5 inches 90" (228cm)

loom-dimension.jpgLoom dimensions are 1.47" x 1.17" with a soft rectangle profile. Call or email for questions about sizing your paddle.